Age of Dragons

A Great Council (Episode 23)

Bartock’s Journal

Entry #1:
A mysterious raven landed before us outside the Mountain Lodge as we left today. Shocked to discover a teleportation scroll tied to the birds back with a message from Leosin attached. It appears that we have been summoned to some sort of special council meeting in the city of Waterdeep scheduled for tonight.

Entry #2:
Upon arriving in a small room with a teleportation circle etched into the floor discovered we were inside a lavish government building know as the Lord’s Palace in Waterdeep. It is here that we met Leosin who filled us in on what was going on. Apparently there is a meeting with a council of powerful leaders from the coastal regions tonight a sundown and our testimony has been requested. We are off to get some much need rest and to bathe in preparation for tonight.

Entry #3:
Traveled to the dock ward in Waterdeep this afternoon in the hopes of finding some contacts Mouse may know, apparently he use to hang out in these parts. I’m quite frankly disgusted. It smells like sewer and garbage mixed with the salty air of the harbor down here and it’s making me ill. Finally we met a man named Dorsk, an individual apparently known by Mouse, at a seedy tavern named the Dockside Dingy. He wants us to meet him a few hours after midnight. We are hoping he can connect us with someone who deals with items of great value in the black markets, in particular items of enchantment. We hope to unload two beautifully crafted pieces of armor we acquired from the white dragons hoard at Skyreach Castle.

Entry #4:
A very interesting night indeed. We were met by Leosin tonight as we arrived at the Lord’s Palace. Inside we stood before a council of 9 leaders led by none other than the Open Lord of Waterdeep, Lord Dagult Neverember. It was during this meeting that we told of what we had witnessed over the past months, and our beliefs of what is occurring across these coastal lands. All things considered I believe things went quite well although some of the council members seem more stubborn than others, in particular one very opinionated dwarf. Another shocking revelation was also discussed on this night as Lady Silmerhelve explained a disturbance upon the air this afternoon, a sign that the ancient Draakhorn has been sounded. This Draakhorn is only audible amongst the animal kingdom apparently, although people might notice an indistinct moaning when their surroundings are quiet and the wind is blows just right, but many in Waterdeep seemed to notice something amiss as dogs, cats, horses, and rats all suddenly began to act in all sorts of strange manner. Dragon’s can apparently hear this call plainly however, and it acts as a call of action for such draconic beasts, a shocking revelation to say the least! In the end we were each given writs of approval from the council to give us heightened powers to investigate further, but these writs also come with the burden of being overseen by the council, but it also comes with many resources offered by this very same council so it should be of great help. We must now decide if we wish to pursue the Wyrmspeaker Varram the White or go in search of the long lost ancient relic, the Draakhorn?

Entry #5:
Just returned from the dock ward after a very late night. We managed to meet up with a very shady character who was introduced to us by Dorsk. The man had a few items to offer for our new found armor. After a bit of negotiating we agreed on a trade along with a payment of 1,500 gold to the mysterious individual. In the agreement we received a pair of old leather bracers with arrows stitched into the edging. I agreed to take possession of these bracers as they are said to improve ones efficiency with bow and arrow. Navarro received an amazing cloak in the deal as well. It seems to have the power to blend into its surrounding when the hood is pulled over one’s head! The man referred to it as a cloak of elvenkind, not surprising givin the green colors and embroidered leaves etched throughout its design.

Entry #6:
We plan on getting a few days rest in Waterdeep before we head out in search of Varram the White, a dwarven wyrmspeaker. Harper agents have heard rumors of the theft of the white dragon mask Varram once owned, and the dwarf was last seen in the trade settlement of Boareskyr Bridge, near the Serpent Hills. Apparently Boareskyr Bridge is a major landmark constructed of black granite containing the sculpted images of a legendary battle once fought upon the bridge, but the settlement located there is little more than a way station containing a collection of tents, wagons, and caravans providing food, fresh mounts, and other services to travelers. We have also been informed of a contingent of Paladins have recently built a keep nearby to maintain watch over the iconic bridge.



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