Age of Dragons

A Second Mission (Episode 29)

Leech’s Journal

Entry #1:
Now departed the ancient tombs and secret hideout of the serpentfolk. Headed southwest for Waterdeep in order to report back to the council.

Entry #2:
Several days into our travels we happened upon a group of nearly two dozen kobolds and lizardfolk blocking the trail. They were led by a charismatic half-red dragon-man and they expected to be paid for allowing us safe passage. We were in no mood for any sort of negotiations and the situation quickly dissolved, blood was soon spilt, most of it theirs. Burned caravans have littered the roadside over the past several days, and combined with these sort of vagabonds we discovered today a sense of lawlessness seems to permeate the countryside.

Entry #3:
Tonight we came under attack after the fall of darkness. Situation grew dire very quickly as a deliberate attempt was made to apparently extinguish our very existence. The attack was led by a half-blue dragon-man and included 6 other black cloaked men. Then shortly after the attack began the sounds of flapping leathery wings could be heard emanating from the darkness beyond our immediate sight. Our nerves took over from there as a paranoia overcame the lot of us. Our suspicions were soon confirmed as a large blue dragon made itself known as it appeared from the surrounding darkness. We count ourselves fortunate to have survived.

Entry #4:
Upon arriving in Waterdeep after nearly a weeks journey we were quickly made aware of the council’s wishes for us to immediately head north in search of the Draakhorn. It’s deep tone had been noted to sound several times after our previous departure east and Lady Dala’s concern, along with the councils, has grown. With only a days rest we were quickly outfitted with cold weather gear and other necessary supplies before being taken to the dock ward where we first laid eyes upon the ship we would soon sail northward, the Frostskimmr. Captain Lerustah Half-face quickly introduced himself before ushering us aboard. It was not lost on any of us that the captain had apparently earned his name from the scarred right half of his face he now bares from an unfortunate frostbite suffered years ago. Now politely covering the nasty scars with his leather hood not only to keep his face warm, but undoubtedly as to not frighten any of the local children as well. The ship Frostskimmr, a light longship with a shallow draft, is designed with a single sail and can also be oared when necessary. The captain assures us that the sixty-foot vessel is perfect for picking a course through the close-packed ice of the northern waters, yet is light enough to be lifted by its forty crew members if it becomes hemmed in by ice. The ship is open to the air, but apparently the crew rig sailcloth shelters across the deck to keep the wind and sleet at bay, and to hold in some warmth during the cold journeys.

Entry #5:
Lady Dala has informed us of an individual name Maccath the Crimson, who belonged to the Arcane Brotherhood and had apparently set out on an expedition north nearly three years ago but has not been heard from since! Maccath had apparently been reporting to the Hosttower by way of sending spells before she disappeared, but her last report spoke of seeing ice hunters paddling their sealskin boats toward a huge iceberg flattened like a plateau across its surface, but ringed with icy peaks. She intended to follow, but was never heard from again. Scrying and other magical means to locate her have proven unsuccessful, yet her ship was located adrift and heavily damaged. Some of her crew were also seen dead, but no sign of the tiefling sorcerer was ever found. It is believed that if Maccath is still alive she may be able to provide information regarding the Draakhorn. It is armed with this information that we are finally ready to set sail northward to the Sea of Moving Ice…



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