Age of Dragons

Frozen (Episode 20)

Leech’s Journal

Entry #1:
The time has come and we now prepare to make our way into the icy tunnels within Skyreach Castle’s glacier. Down deep below in an icy cavern we will attempt to kill a beast of legend – a white dragon! None of us has ever seen a beast such as this, with the exception of Navarro, and he has said little of his encounter with beast except that it was massive and terrifying. Some amongst us proceed with significant doubts about our plan, while others believe it’s the only course of action available to us at this time. The group is heading out. I hope to write later, the gods be willing…

Entry #2:
We carefully traversed the winding icy tunnels inside the glacial castle until we finally reached the iron piton we drove into the ground a number of days before. It was there that we tied a rope in order to carefully lower ourselves down the icy slope to the large cavern below. Navarro moved ahead first as he very quietly made his way towards the cavern entrance, but then he suddenly stopped in his tracks, seemingly unable to move. Mouse followed close behind before sliding into the dark recesses of the icy cavern wall, but it was there that he froze, seemingly unable to move from the safety of the shadows. Unaware of what the hold up seemed to be I moved forward to take a look for myself, and it was then that I began to make sense of it all, a huge white dragon could be seen in the shadows nearly forty-feet above the cavern floor, clinging to the ceiling high above. An unnatural fear began to flow over me, beginning a struggle within to fight through this crippling fright while continuing to put one foot in front of the other. Ghidorah was close behind me, but he suddenly slipped before catching his balance at the entrance to the cave, creating an echo from his heavy plate armor that clanked time and again into the distant reaches of the obviously large cavern system. And it was there that he froze, fearing what he might have done. Quickly I looked back, noticing that Ghidorah was staring at the glimmering coins and treasures twinkling within the permafrost and icy floor below our very feet. Then our first warning of things to come as the slumbering dragon forty-feet above began to stretch its wings, and small pieces of ice began to fall from the beast above, quietly descending to the cavern floor below creating an eerie orchestra of tinkling ice-crystals. We held our collective breath, left to wonder of might happen next, yet the dragon surprisingly folded its wings back to its sides, and appeared to continue sleeping. It was then that several of us quietly casted protective enchantments upon ourselves, and others nearby, before daring to step further into the cavern. Things seemed to be going our way up to that point. Then everything took a turn for the worse, as the huge white dragon suddenly unfurled it wings once more, and the deep sound of a massive inhalation of air started to fill the chamber. It was then that fear flooded my mind and goose pimples ran down my back, I knew what was next although I can’t explain why – just a gut feeling from childhood stories I suppose. Then my fears were realized as the white dragon spewed forth from its massive maw what can only be described as a hailstorm of sleet, snow, and ice upon my companions still standing at the cavern’s entrance! Visibility through it all was nearly impossible, but as the frosty breath began to dissipate the damage done was all too obvious – Navarro lay on the ground motionless, nearly frozen solid like an macabre ice sculpture, with Urso and Ghidorah standing nearby covered in permafrost and icicles, barely clinging to life. Quickly and without hesitation we ran… we ran for our very lives!
Entry #3:
We now lie deep within the tunnels inside the frozen glacier unsure of what to do next? Some believe it unwise to return to the giants having not proven our worth, yet others believe there is no other option. We’ve decide to make camp in these very same tunnels for the night in order to mend our significant frost bitten wounds. Thankfully we pulled our frozen companion Navarro to safety when we were forced to flee for our lives, and he has now begun to regain consciousness thanks to the healing powers of Urso.

Entry #4:
Now knowing what dangers lie ahead we are unsure of how to proceed, but one thing seems certain – all option seem to lead toward death…



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