Age of Dragons

An Unexpected Ally (Session 8)

Navarro’s Journal:

Entry #1:
As we exited the long and narrow secret tunnel we could hear some strange gutteral language off in the distance. Unsure of what to make of it we cautiously proceed, but upon reaching the surface the voices had vanished into the thick swamplands.

Entry #2:
Water surrounds us in every direction, and the only visible land is a wet and spongy mess at best, and at worst is nothing short of knee deep water. Thankfully their seems to be markings and carvings on intermittent trees showing us the way. The path is often submerged, and without the tree markings we would undoubtedly become lost.

Entry #3:
Finally found a somewhat dry piece of land and it is nearly nightfall. Several lean-tos sit abandoned at the moment, and three tree-carved canoes sit nearby. Do we dare stay here?

Entry #4:
We were attacked early in the night by lizard-men apparently returning to their camp! Killed eight of them before the last one began to speak in broken common. Communication was difficult but it seemed he wanted to help in exchange for our assistance. Apparently he has a particular dislike for what he refers to as the “frog-men”?

Entry #5:
Next morning we head out of camp in dug-out tree canoes into the marsh. The lizard-man named Snapjaw agrees to lead the way. Once again we notice markings upon the trees as we proceed further into the Mere of Dead Men. Snapjaw seems to know where guards are posted throughout the swamp so we have managed to avoid detection thus far, or so we continue to hope.

Entry #6:
Many hours later, and stiff from extended canoe travel we arrived at an ruined castle in the middle of the swamp!? Longhouses made from reeds could be seen at the forefront of the castle and another dozen or more smaller huts spotted the boggy ground nearby. Giant frogs the size of a man stand in pools of water scattered amongst the huts! Where in the nine-hells are we?!
Entry #7:
We have managed to fight our way through the interior gate-house. The room was filled with large frogs and frog-men called bullywugs, at least a dozen or more combined. Battle lasted nearly a minute. We are now concerned if others further inside have been alerted by our presence?…



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