Age of Dragons

Castle in the Clouds (Episode 15)

Mouse’s Journal:

Entry #1:
We’ve decided to send Bartock and Leech over the gate to keep watch outside the floating castle walls while me, Navarro, Urso, and Ghidorah check out the premises.
Entry #2:
The stone statues have fallen still, and after we held out our five fingers and uttered the words “Tiamat, Our Mother and Strength” they seemed to ignore our entry, thank the gods!

Entry #3:
Courtyard seems empty as darkness begins to fall. We quickly made our way across the courtyard to a lone door to our left. Inside we found several doors locked but did find one room in the area occupied. Inside two red robed wizards appeared stunned at our sudden appearance. We recognized one of them as the red wizard who joined our caravan traveling north toward Waterdeep a while back, believe he joined some of the cults wagons at the same time the small female gnome joined. We apologized quickly and went on our way, not wanting to call attention to ourselves.

Entry #4:
Discovered a spiral stairway leading up to the upper courtyard overlooking the lower courtyard in which we entered. Darkness has now fallen and we feel we may be able to avoid detection in the night, but first we must rest. We found the stairway to be the perfect spot for an hours rest only to witness Navarro suddenly walking out into the upper courtyard in some sort of quiet trance? Thinking it odd Urso decided to follow close behind. Then he saw the very same thing Navarro seemed to stare out at in the upper courtyard, a pair of glowing red eyes staring at them both from the surrounding darkness. Thankfully after a short exchange the eyes mysteriously vanished leaving them both uncomfortable, but unharmed.

Entry #5:
Found a guest room for giants unoccupied across the way in the upper courtyard. It is there that we decided to settle down for the night, a bit unnerved after being questioned by the mysterious red eyes.

Entry #6:
Upon waking the next morning the sounds of training can be heard from the courtyard outside. Further inspection revealed eight large ogres throwing spears at targets, apparently training for guard duty. We simply walk past as though we belong, hoping to draw little to no attention. It seems to have worked.

Entry #7:
We checked out three towers in the upper courtyard today. One seemed to be simply an empty cylinder with ogre guards stationed on top, but how they got up there we are unsure? Very strange but we have no answers at the moment. Another crumbling tower seems to have a door but it won’t budge? The third tower is 70 feet tall and contains four ogres guarding it inside, each is wearing a fancy plumed helmet for some unknown reason. Must have some important relevance one would think. We agree to leave them alone for the time being.

Entry #8:
Returned to the lower courtyard and discovered two stone giants. Urso did most of the talking while attempting to find out what was in the ruin covered cauldron upon their oversized table. The larger male seemed intrigued by Urso’s comment about liking giants more than dragons. Stone giant asked why? Beginning to think there may be various opinions, or groups, on this floating castle. We begin to wonder who can and cannot be trusted?

Entry #10:
Discovered kitchen full of kobold cooks, as well as sleeping quarters and mess hall for cultists all in the lower courtyard area.

Entry #11:
Things just got serious! We had discovered a cave tunnel entrance on the far side of the upper courtyard along the edge of a large glacial chunk of ice that makes up the largest portion of this flying castle. Upon entering we found ourselves winding our way through various icy tunnels deep into the bowels of the glacier. Then we came upon a pretty steep drop and I decided I would lower Navarro down with a rope attached to a carefully hammered piton. All seemed to be going well when suddenly Navarro came scrambling back up in a great bit of haste! He was muttering something about a dragon and great amounts of treasure! We all could sense his dire sense of urgency to leave the area, and we all quickly followed without question. It was then that we were able to sit down and finally get some details.
A huge white dragon hanging upside down from the icy cavern, massive amounts of coins and jewels embedded in sheets of ice, then the white death lunging at the small Navarro, and Navarro narrowly escaping with his life with a small flesh wound from the dragons massive jaws. We now knew we needed to get control of this castle somehow, and not getting ourselves killed in the process seem quite daunting. We needed a plan…



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