Age of Dragons

Castle Naerytar (Session 9)

Leech’s Journal:

Entry #1:
Once we managed to make our way past the guardhouse we quickly made our way down the long corridor before entering a large courtyard. Numerous doors led to and fro but we had little clue of which direction to proceed. It was only a few steps in that we came under sudden attack from numerous frog-men known as bullywugs. We made short work of them before Snapjaw managed to befriend several lizardfolk who had arrived during the battle. It seems he has won them over to our side somehow, but we are unsure what was said in their strange tongue?

Entry #2:
We have entered some sort of chapel and a large wooden likeness of the Queen of Darkness now looms over us. Navarro has taken on the illusion of a lizardfolk and is now kneeling before the statue in faked reverence. The lizardfolk obviously not knowing any better have followed suit.

Entry #3:
After further investigation of the area we prepared to head back out into the courtyard. It wasn’t so easy however as several dozen bullywugs where discovered to be waiting outside the door. It took very little time for the situation to deteriorate into violence. Thankfully we were able to use the doorway as a bottleneck however, and managed to control their overwhelming numbers. The place is now a bloody mess!
Entry #4:
After attempting to clean the courtyard as best we could we moved to inspect the northeast tower. It was there that we found over a dozen elite lizardfolk guards and their living quarters as well as several weapon smiths. Snapjaw felt it best that we leave so we followed his advice.

Entry #5:
We’ve now entered the central courtyard tower. It was here that Navarro had nearly a dozen very large centipedes fall upon him from above the door. After we rid him of his creepy crawlies we moved inward to inspect the remaining area. This seems as though it might be a good place for a rest…



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