Age of Dragons

Chaos Castle (Episode 19)

Mouse’s Journal

Entry #1:
Badly wounded and fortunate to be alive. Rezmire’s chamber nearly led to our demise. After successfully picking the private chamber’s lock all heck broke loose. We quickly disposed of the blue skinned guard drakes but things quickly escalated from there, and quite frankly became uncontrollable. A cloud of darkness fell over us soon after the fight began and explosions of fire nearly killed several of us. Thankfully the half-black dragon lady has been defeated however, reduced to a pile of ash after Ghidorah struck her down with a massive blow. One red wizard was also killed, Azbara Jos, however a second red wizard managed to escape. If not for the Stone Giants arrival I truly believe many of us would have likely met our untimely end. It was they who called off the brutish ogres and agreed to listen to our pleas for help, and it is they who escorted us to the Cloud Giants chambers to negotiate with their leader Blagothkus.

Entry #2:
After explaining our presence to Blagothkus, the apparent owner of this flying ice castle, we believe we are close to reaching an agreement. It seems we are headed towards the mountains of the northlands where the cloud giant hopes to raise an army.
Entry #3:
Negotiations are now complete. Blagothkus has agreed to let us keep the beautifully crafted great sword we acquired from Rezmire’s ashes. Many of us wonder what powers the enchanted blade might contain? Some amongst our group remain uneasy however – it has become apparent that Blagothkus wants us to rid Skyreach Castle of the massive white dragon slumbering below! We ask for an opportunity to rest over the next several days in preparation for this massive undertaking. The request has been granted. We’ve now set upon bandaging our wounds and preparing for what is sure to be the fight of our lives.
Entry #4:
Thoughts of unimaginable wealth cloud my mind as I mentally prepare for what lies ahead. Legends say that a dragon’s hoard is beyond one’s imagination, and the thought of soon laying eyes upon such vast wealth is more than I can describe. The stories I will soon be able to tell, but first I must survive.

Entry #5:
The final hours are upon us now. Soon we will travel deep within the depths of this glacial castle, and lay eyes upon a beast of legend. Nerves are beginning to build within each of us as the significance of the moment begins to take hold. Our uneasy alliance with the giants now hangs in the balance.



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