Age of Dragons

Deadly Decisions (Session 5)

Leech’s Journal:

Entry #1:
Returned to Greenest after fleeing the enemies cave. Reported to Governor Nighthill that we had regretably lost two companions, Bob and Soveliss

Entry #2:
We’ve decided to head north to Elturel where we hope to locate Leosin in order to report what we discovered in the cave.

Entry #3:
Met a grungy dwarf during our travels north, kind of stinks to be honest. Perhaps a little too much nature living if you ask me. Has decided to travel north with us.

Entry #4:
No one in Elturel seems to know who in the nine hells Leosin is? Finally we decide to ask about another contact Leosin had mentioned a number of days ago, Ontharr Frume. We were directed towards the strangely named “A Pair of Black Antlers Tavern”.

Entry #5:
The tavern turned out to be quite the rowdy crowd when we arrived, games of physical prowess and dexterity were in full swing. Strong half-orc immediately grabbed our attention at the arm wrestling table. Bartock quickly sat down to the challenge and nearly had his arm ripped off! Then shocked us all by actually winning one!! Navarro is involved in heavy betting with one of the men in the crowd, like 20 gold pieces a bet, crazy halfling going to lose all his coin if he’s not careful.

Entry #6:
After fun and games we discovered Leosin was in a back room with some other men from the surrounding countryside. We also discovered we had already met Ontharr Frume, he had been betting with Navarro the whole time apparently. Seems we had got the groups attention during the festivities and they soon invited into the back room to join them. It was there that we were informed of the existence of the “Cult of the Dragon”, a group that is renowned for trying to raise undead dragons in the desert lands of the far east. Apparently they are now active along the west coast however, and they seem interested in the chromatic dragons that still live. There is great angst to what all this might mean. It was then that Leosin informed us of his connections to the Harpers organization. Ontharr followed the by informing us that he was a member of another organization called the Order of the Gautlet. Apparently all these organizations were joining forces against the growing threat. We were asked if we might be interesting in joining the fight. Most of us agreed to join up with the Harpers. It was then suggested that we make use of the brute of a half-orc we met in the commons room. He was a strong one with a certain demeanor that might prove useful. He didn’t seem interested in joining any organization but agreed to join our ragtag band independently, his name is Ghidorah.

Entry #7:
It is decided that we should immediately travel upriver to the town of Baldur’s Gate in order to get ahead of the advancing wagons of the enemy looters. It is there that we are to join the wagons as guards in order to spy on the cult. We are not to give away our true identity at any point. Information is more important at this juncture.

Entry #8:
We have arrived in Baldur’s Gate. Must skirt around city walls as they apparently don’t allow most sorts of animals, or wagons for that matter, inside the city limits due to the narrow streets.

Entry #9:
Finally spotted the enemies wagons today. We’ve waited nearly a week. Also spotted a palanquin being carried by numerous guards. Some in our group swear they saw a black half-dragon through a slit in the curtains, but we cant be sure. Navarro thinks it might be Rezmir? We prepare to find work as guards on other wagons within the large caravan.

Entry #10:
Only third night into our travels north we ran into some trouble. Three men appeared to have purchases all the rooms at a roadside inn, and then began mocking the group about sleeping out in the cold. Half-Orc Ghidorah took a dislike to this, and soon found himself in a bad situation before fleeing for his life. Navarro promises to get even later tonight, he’s going to free their horses from the stables. Boy are they going to be pissed!

Entry #11:
Yep, they’re pissed! Next morning they picked us out in the caravan and threatened our group. Shady trio indeed. Some believe they might be hired assassins, may the gods help us if that proves to be true! We now prepare to head north with the wagons as each of us blends in with our employers. We believe our true identity is still unknown.

Entry #12:
Nearly a ten-day has now passed. A herd of deer was spotted near dusk up on a nearby hill. Many in the merchant caravan scrambled for their bows for some good eats. But it was one individual that caught everyones eye, a golden stag! A magnificent beast that stood above the rest, its golden coat gleaming in the setting sun. Fearing that the beautiful beast might be killed Mouse ran towards it in an attempt to frighten it away, then disappearing into the nearby woods in order to follow the animal. When Mouse returned he spoke a nearly unbelievable tale about how the golden stage spoke to him without words, assuring him that we were on the right path, and to continue following the river of gold until we reach the castle in the sky. It then warned him that the path would be sadly filled with hardship and blood. Then an enchanted bow appeared on the ground before the barbarian as the golden stag began to fade from sight, but not before it wordlessly left one departing thought “not all will survive…”

Entry #13:
Several events over last two days have left our group on edge. Found one man buried up to his neck in the middle of the road with the word “Oathbreaker” written on his forehead, he was unconscious but we managed to dig him up and revive him. Once he was free he told us the oath in which he broke was to marry a woman, which apparently upset her family. Although possible, he seems to be withholding something. We will need to watch this one closely. Also noticed a tatoo upon the mans arm, that of the Harpers!? We are unwilling to give up our identity until we know more. Things just don’t make sense.
We’ve also had a run in with another merchant in the caravan who abuses his horses. We agreed to let him borrow ours but if he so much as injures one of them in any way there will be hell to pay. We are now nursing his wounded animals back to health.

Entry #14:
Murder!? We awoke this morning to find one of the caravan guards dead. No noticeable wounds could be found upon the body but Navarro seems to believe foul play was involved. Could it be poison? Some seem to remember this man trying to help one of the undercover cultist wagons when some of its “precious” cargo overturned several days ago. Others worry about the three rumored to be assassins we met on day 3 of our travels north. Things are suddenly very tense…



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