Age of Dragons

Ending a Long Night (Session 2)

Bob’s Journal:

Entry #1:
Following a short briefing by Governor Nighthill we headed into the streets of Greenest once again. Joined five other individuals I barely know. Four of these companions seem to discuss plans on how to proceed while the barbarian and I stand by quietly listening.

Entry #2:
The little guy, Navarro, lead us downstairs to the entrance of an old tunnel that exited near the stream south of the keep. We took great care to keep the location hidden as we departed before heading into the open streets of town. Rescued a large group of citizens barricaded inside a temple to a god of harvest, saved the local flower mill, and fought numerous cultists, kobolds, and drakes through much of the evening.

Entry #3:
Captured a kobold prisoner, or should I say the little guy (Navarro) charmed one, giving us some information about what was now taking place inside Greenest. Apparently they’re working for some Cult of the Dragon, and a “dragon lady”? They also appear to be stealing much of the citizen’s valuables, and for the most part are looting Greenest while killing anyone who gets in their way. Stupid creature wasn’t much more help however, and upon releasing him at the tunnel exit we were nearly ambushed by his waiting companions. Got really ugly really fast, and if not for the healing powers of two of my new companions we may not have survived, but thank the gods we did. Now badly battered and bruised, some of us worse than others, we decide we can continue no more. We shall seek out treatment for our injuries before resting for the remainder of the night, hoping that we’ve done enough to help the community survive this nightmare. The time is now very late, and sunrise is expected in the next three or so hours. So very tired.

Entry #3:
Rose up at nearly high noon. Wasn’t long before Governor Nighthill was upon us with news of the hours just prior to sunrise. Apparently some blue dragon-man, nearly seven feet in height and wielding a great sword, appeared before the keep’s walls near the end of the night. With him were several hostages he had little use for, so he offered up a deal. Their release in exchange for the keep’s best warrior, but not for a prisoner exchange, but instead a fight to the death! One named Sergeant Markguth agreed to the challenge, and the dragon-man was true to his word and released the prisoners. Turns out the Sergeant was the woman prisoners brother! Given the circumstances it was an easy choice to volunteer for the honorable Sergeant. It was also nothing short of suicide, as Governor Nighthill proceed to explain the decisive result, the dragon-man making short work of the much smaller human. Then just as quickly as they came the blue dragon-man lead his remaining troop out of town towards the southeast.

Entry #4:
We now prepare to give chase. This dragon army is still largely an unknown entity to us all and Governor Nighthill has asked us to find out where their camp is located, how many raiders there are, who their leaders are, what’s the motivation behind these attacks, and where they might plan to strike next? He’s willing to pay well, 250 gold a piece!! Literally more gold than I have ever had in my whole life!!! Bartock has already picked up on the trail heading to the southeast, apparently the ranger has a knack for this sort of thing so guess I’ll follow.

Entry #5:
As we left town a young man approached us limping heavily on his bandaged left leg. He asked us to keep and eye out for his missing master, Leosin Erlanthar, a monk from Berdusk. Seems he disappeared during the attack last night. The only thing found this morning was his broken staff and a roughly torn choker. We promise to keep our eyes open but hesitate to offer too much hope. As we depart we were informed that Leosin had been investigating the raiders for numerous months prior.

Entry #6:
Spotted smoke. A camp of what looks to be stragglers about half a days trek away from Greenest in a rocky outcropping of the foothills. Four cultists eating by a cooking fire while their eight kobold companions eat about fifty yards away. They still seem unaware of our presence so we now set a plan to carefully approach…



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