Age of Dragons

Fame, Glory, and Death (Episode 16)

Leech’s Journal:

Entry #1:
It turned out to be a very long and nearly deadly late afternoon today! We returned to the crumbling tower on the far side of the glacier on Skyreach Castle in an attempt to find a way inside. The lower door was still sealed shut from what we assumed must be from the inside. Unable to find a way in Bartock decided to scale the outside and although made of ice, he seemed to have an easy time of it due to the cracked facade. Once Bartock had safely reached the balcony 75 feet above on the 100 foot-tall tower Ghidorah began climbing in order to join him and that’s when disaster struck!

Entry #2:
Under both Bartock and Ghidorah’s collective weight the balcony suddenly gave way! Somehow Bartock managed to cling to the doorway high above while Ghidorah plummeted to the icy rubble now lying below, somehow managing to survive. Quickly I scrambled up the icy tower and managed to swing my leg over the threshold high above in order to make my way inside. I was then going to attempt to assist Bartock inside when I heard the crackle of footfalls on the icy floor from the shadows behind me. Quickly I turned to see a man with blood red eyes glaring fiercely with hate lunging in my direction. It quickly became obvious that the individual was driven by a deep and insatiable hunger for my life’s blood. He was undoubtedly a vampire! Desperately I attempted to fight the vile creature off as Bartock flailed about outside still clinging for his very life to the now open door where the balcony once stood.
Entry #3:
With little time to waste our companions climbed their way up as quickly as possible in order to assist. Bartock had now made his way safely inside as Ghidorah finally arrived. Inside all were shocked at what they saw, two male vampires under the control of one female vampire! All three posing an enormous threat to our well being. Several of us were bitten a number of times filling us with fear of what it might mean for our very future?

Entry #4:
Navarro managed to call upon his god, turning one of the evil creatures of the night, causing it to cower against the wall. Meanwhile we made various attempts to move the other two vampires closer to the door where the afternoon sun might burn the creatures, but that proved very difficult indeed. Desperate, and feeling likely that we all might die, Urso called upon two large eagles to assist.

The large eagles had thankfully thrown one of the vampiric spawn out the door seconds earlier, yet we all began feeling that we were nearing what seemed to be our sure demise, when Ghidorah took what I can only describe as a heroic action, spotting the female vampire nearing the door and flinging himself in her direction with reckless abandoned, throwing himself and the vile creature over the threshold and falling upon the icy remains of the balcony below. It was there that the female vampire broke his grapple and staggered to her feet before miraculously beginning to run along the perimeter of the tower as the sun scorched her unholy flesh! But just as quickly we managed to run her down before she could reach the safety of the shadows. It was there that the vampire met her demise as the sun scorched its unholy flesh, turning her flesh to dust in Ghidorah’s powerful grip. Then those still above managed to destroy the remaining vampire spawn cowering from Navarro’s holy presence.

Entry #6:
Down below numerous ogres can be seen racing up the trail towards the tower. It seems Ghidorah is attempting to disarm the tense situation diplomatically. Our cover may have been blown?…



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