Age of Dragons

Friend or Foe? (Episode 17)

Urso’s Journal:

Entry #1:
Ghidorah engaged the ogres in a conversation trying to diffuse the situation after we killed the vampires in the tower, but something appeared to be lost in translation so I yelled down in the language of Giants in order to assist. I explained that we were given orders to clear the tower of the vampires by the Red Wizards. They seemed to buy my explanation now given in their native tongue, but now seem to be going to check on this information with Blagothkus, their superior within the large tower nearby. Fearing our ruse might soon be discovered we need to get out of the area quickly so I called upon our large eagle allies to carry us down from the tower to the spiral staircase before dismissing the massive birds.

Entry #2:
We returned to the lower courtyard to continue our investigation of the area that seemed to house a number of human inhabitants including the two red wizards. One of the nearby doors was still locked but this time we were determined to gain entry, even though Navarro warned us of growling and hissing sounds emanating from beyond. It took nearly a minute before Leech finally managed to pick the difficult lock. Inside two blue drakes stood staring at us in a hungry and menacing manner, their master standing behind. It was the half-black dragon woman named Rezmir that we had heard so much! She had lowered a black dragon mask over her face, and seemed none too happy to be so rudely interrupted. Thinking quickly we played the whole thing off as a mistake and quickly closed the door, and then ran like hell.

Entry #3:
We’ve rested in the local barracks for about and hour. We were pretty beaten up after the whole tower and vampire incident. We dared not use any divine magic to heal with other cultists so close by, so just a simple short would have to do for now. We’ve decided to head back towards the stone giants lair as soon as darkness falls over the lower courtyard and the fog rolls in.
Entry #4:
That crazy little bastard Navarro, I can’t believe what he just did! Snuck into the Stone Giants chambers and climbed the table before turning invisible and slipping into water of the large cauldron sitting on their table!! He must have a death wish!!! Somehow though Navarro managed to escape unnoticed and returned to the lower courtyard to explain what he’d discovered. Apparently it’s not the controls to this floating castle of ice, but it is some sort of scrying device. Some sort of image on the surface of the water that Navarro believes looked like giants and dragons in some sort of discussion, and many variations of both races were apparently present. Some sort of negotiations or planning perhaps, yet no way to know if it is a present image, or one of the past or future?

Entry #5:
Urso believes he overhead the two stone giants speaking about the disturbance upon the surface of the water inside the large cauldron. They spoke in the giant tongue so none of us can support this information, but Urso says that they are unsure about their alliance with the Cult of the Dragon and what their future might hold? We believe we may be able to exploit this and begin devising a plan to write a letter in the common tongue from the cultists perspective, speak of how we need to remove all the treasure without the giants knowing about our secret plan.
Entry #6:
We decided Leech should plant the forged letter under the ogre’s barrack’s door late at night but the plan changed when Leech spotted a huge cloud giant passing through the upper courtyard on his way into one of the ice towers we couldn’t gain entry. Instead Leech threw the crumpled note out in front of the massive giant from the shadows in which he hid, hoping to gain the 24 foot-tall cloud giant’s attention. It worked! Now lets see what other seeds of discord we might be able to plant.

Entry #7:
We then returned to the icy tower where we disposed of the three vampires as it seemed the best place to avoid discovery. Resting there for several days to recover from our still heavy wounds inflicted from those nasty undead. Several of us had been bitten unfortunately in the struggle, leaving us severely weakened and unable to recover. Thankfully we awoke after the first nights rest feeling much better. The bite wounds upon our necks had healed leaving only two small red marks where the puncture holes were just the day before, and our weakened state has diminished greatly. It is during this time that Navarro hatched yet another plan to charm several cultist in order to cause more dissent amongst the castles population.

Entry #8:
It is still dark and Navarro has vanished into the night in order to cause more problems. He plans to charm several cultists so that they will follow him to the upper courtyard. It is there that he plans to start a fight with several ogres on guard duty so they might kill the cultists. He hopes that this will sew more seeds of discord amongst what we believe to be the shaky alliances inside this icy castle.
Entry #9:
It is still late in the evening and fog fills the upper and lower courtyards of Skyreach Castle as we look down from our hide-out in the crumbling tower that has now become our safe haven. We are still awaiting the return of our halfling friend Navarro, who has still not returned from his mission to sew yet more discord. Where in the nine-hells might he be? He should have returned by now?…



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