Age of Dragons

Greenest Under Attack! (Session 1)

Bartock’s Journal:

Entry #1:
Met up with a merchant caravan today crossing over grasslands. Decided that it might be safer traveling amongst a group than alone so I joined them. As dusk approached the town of Greenest drew near, but it wan’t the peaceful oasis we hoped as large columns of black smoke can be seen rising in the distance, an ill omen indeed.

Entry #2:
Greenest is under attack! Burning buildings amongst running figures that are little more that dots to us at a distance. But even more alarming is the dark winged shape wheeling low over the central keep. Could it be a Dragon!?

Entry #3:
I made it to the tangled brush along a stream running to the south of town. Less than a handful of others were attempting to follow. If that dark shape was indeed a dragon I had no intention of being anywhere out in the open. Finally after a short ways through the dense brush I made my way to its northern edge. It was there that my fears were confirmed, the dark shape was in fact a huge blue dragon! Then I noticed near the southern edge of town some sort of commotion. Eight small dog-like reptilian creatures known as kobolds had a woman surrounded as her injured family ran for cover. I quickly joined a group of like minded individuals in fighting off the little critters and the women was extremely thankful. She asked us to help them reach the safety of the keep at the center of town. We agreed.

Entry #4:
Chaos throughout the town’s streets as kobolds, men in black leather armor, and four-legged drakes that resemble a blue dragon roam the streets. Killing and looting is widespread. We fight several of the afore mentioned groups before nearing the keep. It is there that we are joined by a man wearing animal skins and wielding a great two-handed sword. Then a small shadowy figure beckons us from atop the keep’s parapets. He seemed to be urging us towards the keep’s front gates so we made a break for it. Then we realized the urgency of the moment as the huge blue dragon was closing quickly. Thankfully we fought our way through the remaining foes that stood in our way just as lightning shook the keep to its very core. We are fortunate indeed.

Entry #5:
I have a feeling we are all in for a long night. In the most unlikely of circumstances I have met several individuals that seem willing to leave the relative safety of the keep to help the outlying community. I am now joined by Bob, a quiet man who seems to posses the healing powers of his god, as well as the ability to swing a viscous hammer; Soveliss, a half-elf possessing the ability to call upon unseen forces to inflict harm to our enemies; and Leech, a man of many skills and the ability to blend into his surroundings (a trait I must admit that I admire greatly). We are also joined by a savage-man strangely called Mouse; a barbarian-like individual if you will, who we met fighting our way into the keep. And last but not least a half-man, or halfling as some call them, who also posses the will of the gods. The halfling was the small individual hailing us from the keep’s parapets earlier, his name is Navarro. He apparently knows Governor Nighthill of Greenest, and seem to know many of the keep’s leadership, helpful to be sure.



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