Age of Dragons

Hunting Varram the White (Episode 24)

Navarro’s Journal

Entry #1:
Today we depart Waterdeep in search of a dwarf named Varram the White, the White Wyrmspeaker of the Cult of the Dragon. Rumor has it that the dwarf may have lost the “white dragon mask”, and this may be our opportunity to thwart the cults plans.

Entry #2:
Ran into a traveling group of troubadours today, entertaining, but sneaky, as I caught one halfling entertainer trying to lift my belt pouch. Determined to teach that one a small lesson I quickly blinked behind him and put my rapier the back of his skull. Consider this a lesson taught as they quickly made haste and departed. Apparently we weren’t good for business.

Entry #3:
Traveled 6 days to Serpent Hills. Sights along the way are disturbing, burnt out villages and caravans lay in ruin all along the country side.

Entry #4:
Arrived at Boareskyr Bridge today, many in this tent-city seems the unsavory sort to none of our surprise. It is here that we find an establishment called Bolo’s Tent-side Inn, owned by a tough female halfling named Bolo. It is from her that we learn that a dwarf in purple robes has recently passed through the area a few days earlier, but he fled with an entourage of nearly a dozen mysteriously hooded figures after stabbing to death one of the scaled folk from the Serpent Hills. Apparently the dwarf is now seen as some sort of hero here for this killing as some believe the scaled one to be some sort of spy sent from the hills?

Entry #5:
Visited the Paladin’s Temple of Bahamut overlooking Boareskyr Bridge. Learned that there are ancient tombs dotting the Serpent Hills, perhaps it is one of these ancient sites that the dwarf Varram seeks? The Paladin’s here seem to know of an ancient legend of a divination pool in one of the tombs, but whether or not these legends are true none can say.

Entry #6:
We now depart for the valley of tombs in the hopes of finding the dwarven Wyrmspeaker, Varram, and his entourage.

Entry #7:
We now stand amongst empty sleeping bags and a smoldering campfire near a well in the valley of tombs. Seven newly dug graves lay nearby. Two broken and decaying colossal statues stand before us flanking an entrance to a tomb located high above on the face of a cliff. It appears that a small stairway leads upward carved into the side of the cliff while a ladder spans the final ten feet. We assume someone has recently entered.

Entry #8:
As we approached the cliff side stairway the grinding of stone could be heard, and to our amazement the statues had turned their heads and began to speak! They seem to warn us of dangers and a conduit of clairvoyance that lay ahead before asking if we seek Diderius’ knowledge or wisdom? I quickly gave an answer, and then the statues returned to their prior position and fell silent.

Entry #9:
After climbing cliff face stairs and ladder we discover an entry hall beautifully carved and decorated, but it isn’t long before we discover it is not what it appears. Careful inspection with our hands reveals a stone door to the back of the chamber has been forced open but an illusion covers up the fact. Carefully we sneak into the chamber beyond believing we must be hot on the trail of the dwarf we seek. The hall beyond was lined with six hooded statues. Then as I stepped forward a mysterious voice could be heard inside my mind warning me that some secrets are not meant for mortal minds to know, and to look away from the darkness in which such knowledge hides. It is armed with this information that I look down at the floor and proceed toward the door at the opposite end of the hall. Grinding of stone could be heard all around me as the statues turned their hooded heads to seemingly watch me pass, yet I refused to look up into the darkness of their hoods in fear of what might transpire.

Entry #10:
The chamber beyond the statues hall proved interesting indeed as a mosaic chimera seemed to peel itself from the floor before suddenly attacking us with its fiery breath! Thankfully we managed to defeat the strange and obviously magical two dimensional creature. Several doorway contain various markings, one of chalk reading “safe” to the north, and another double doors at our opposite end that are badly bowed outward with a copper engraving of a what looks to be a group of wizards overlooking a pool of water. A narrow passage also leads east (to our right). But we are injured and exhausted and prepare to rest in the entry to this mosaic chamber. We will investigate further after a much needed rest.



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