Age of Dragons

Lost Treasures (Episode 10)

Ghidoroah’s Journal:

Entry #1:
After a lengthy rest we returned to the central tower to continue our investigation. Our lizardfolk allies helping us maneuver around the guard drakes that roam the vicinity.

Entry #2:
It appears that the central tower has someone currently using it for a living quarters. Clothing mostly with a few simple and personal supplies. Most likely human?

Entry #3:
Noticed a pile of garbage filling the northwest tower piled to nearly ground level. Inside a stairway lead to several floors above. Second floor appears rotted but third floor may still be in good shape. We’ve decided to pass this area and move along to a door across the courtyard.

Entry #4:
The door near the central tower has led us to what may be some sort of great hall with tables lining the walls. Coins of all sorts and a reddish liquid in a vial are piled upon numerous tables. Looks to be a considerable amount of wealth. Nearly a dozen cultists move about the room so we need to act fast. Navarro quickly opens the conversation, acting as though we are members of the cult. Leech unerringly follows suit and it seems to be working. The cultists at first hesitate before welcoming us in as book keepers. They believe we have arrived to record the wealth that has been collected due to someone apparently skimming off the top of past treasure hauls. The ruse works perfectly and within a minute we had taken up strategic positions about the room in order to take out our enemy more effectively. They were all dead in less than a minute, I just hope no one nearby overheard the sudden burst of chaos. We now prepare to investigate the southwest tower….



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