Age of Dragons

New Plans (Episode 21)

Mouse’s Journal

Entry #1:
Strange!?… Something is going on I can’t explain, or perhaps I’m just losing it. I keep hearing a voice inside my head, it keeps asking my name? I feel compelled to reply but to what, myself? Out loud? Or just in my head? I need some sleep.

Entry #2:
The voice continues even after my long rest. Unsure what to make of the whole situation but it is becoming evident that it’s my new found sword! As I admire the dark blade forged from black steel I notice that it begins to takes on a crimson tint under the right lighting. Etchings across the hand-guard read “Hazirawn”, could this be the weapon’s name? I’ve heard legends about weapon so great they actually have names but have never laid eyes on such a weapon before.
Entry #3:
I’ve now practiced a little sword play with my newfound blade Hazirawn and it is amazingly light for a sword of such size, and the blade’s edge is deadly sharp, so much so that any pressure upon it’s edge in any form drawns blood. The voice in my head continues…

Entry #4:
We now prepare to meet with Blagothkus in his icy tower. As we depart we are still debating what angle to take in these upcoming negotiations. We hope to convince the cloud giant to assist us against the huge white dragon but are unsure if our attempt will be rebuked or not?

Entry #5:
Met with Blagothkus and then the two stone giants to try to garner some support. The disappointment upon Blagothkus’ face was evident when we told him we had failed to leave our mark in the first battle with the massive dragon and were forced to flee. Finally however an agreement was reached. They have agreed to borrow us four ogres and two wyverns in our upcoming plan of attack. We also agreed to one item each from the dragon’s hoard should we prove successful, along with as much coin as each of us can carry. With a deal finally struck we prepare for our second attempt. This time with what we hope is a much better plan. Tension begins to build once again.

Entry #6:
It’s a MIRACLE!!! The dragon is slain! I can’t believe what I just saw with my own eyes. The ogres carried the massive anchor and chain from the flying castle deep into the tunnels below and somehow managed to throw the anchor and chain high above as the dragon swooped past. WhiteDragon.jpg
Amazingly the throw was true and the anchor’s hook dug into the extremely hard dragon scales taking hold, the chain dragging below the great white beast. It was this chain hanging off the huge flying beast that proved to be its undoing as somehow that crazy, and often drunk dwarf Urso managed to grab hold of the chain as it swung by, and then shortly after morphed into a giant snake. I have heard of such strange magics before but never actually witnessed such things as this until I met him. But the moment was short lived however, as the dragon ripped him apart and threw him to the cavern floor, a nearly forty-foot drop. We were certain he had been thrown to his death when suddenly he morphed back into his dwarven form, shockingly still alive and uninjured!! It all seemed as though I was watching a dream from afar. Then the crazy dwarf did it all again, but this time things were different, as the massive python he now became began to wrap itself around the flying white dragon and began to constrict. Soon both plummeted to the cavern floor as the entangled dragon proved unable to maintain flight. Yet both soon proved to be still alive even after the fall, and it was there that both began the struggle for control of the situation upon the icy cavern floor. Thankfully Ghidorah stood nearby and it was then that he made his move, plunging his sword deep into the chest of massive dragon. The white dragon then took one last deep breath while we all prepared for the worst, but it never came. Instead a slow exhale followed and the dragon’s chest failed to rise again. It is with a look of shock that we all now stand silently throughout the icy cavern. But there is little time to celebrate as the sounds of small clawed feet upon the icy cavern floor begin to fill the cave around us. Kobolds coming from all directions, and there’s a lot of them!…



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