Age of Dragons

Revisiting the Mountain Lodge (Episode 22)

Navarro’s Journal

Entry #1:
Shortly after killing the huge white dragon we had little time to celebrate as the scraping of small claws upon the icy cavern floor began to fill the cavern around us as nearly two dozen kobolds stormed into the chamber from various tunnels. They seemed crazed and angered, apparently deeply disturbed by the death of the massive dragon they once worshipped. We tore through them with ease and in less than a half-minute none were left standing. It’s a grisly sight to be sure.
Entry #2:
We’ve begun excavation into the permafrost and ice that entombs the riches that now await us. After nearly two days of digging we have amassed countless coins of copper, silver, gold, and platinum along with dozens of gems. We have also uncovered a number of items that intrigue us including some sort of potion, a finely crafted ancient longsword, beautifully designed leather armor, a pair of old dark leather bracers, an elegant longbow, and a magnificent golden trimmed small breastplate. Somehow Mouse seems to think they are all enchanted, he says his sword somehow knows this? That greatsword of his seems to reveal more about itself as each day passes. What else might it be capable of???

Entry #3:
We’ve now cut up the dragon’s remains and Mouse has collected teeth, claws, scales, and leather from its wings. We have also returned the beasts head to the cloud giant as proof of our kill. He is deeply impressed but wants to know what treasures await him now that we have taken our share. Some of us are a bit uneasy about the line of questioning, but things seem to have ended on a good note.

Entry #4:
After five uneventful days Blogathkus has dropped us off at the hunting lodge in the mountains once again. We intend on paying Talis the White another visit.

Entry #5:
We entered the lodge through the back kitchen doors this time to avoid any enchanted suites of armor trying to kill us, but the kitchen staff seemed alarmed upon our entrance. We immediately requested a meeting with Talis which was quickly granted. Soon we were escorted to the large trophy room containing numerous mounted heads of various beasts upon the walls. It is here that a large table of half-eaten food awaits us as we sit down to talk. Things went badly from there however as Talis attempted to excuse herself for a moment to retrieve something she needed, and it seemed suspicious to many of us so we got up to leave. It was then that several guards blocked our exit and words were exchange, and then swords. Talis the White quickly had the jump on us as she quickly disappeared from sight but we were equally as quick in fighting our way out and chasing her down outside the premises. From there we escorted her back into the lodge and asked her to take us to her quarters to see what exactly she felt was so important. It was there that we were shown a letter from someone named Severin, but exactly who that might be we are still unsure, and Talis seems unwilling to talk. She only offers empty threats of the fact that we have no idea what we’ve gotten ourselves into, and we simply agree. She seems a bit upset and defiant.
Entry #6:
Apparently Leech has had enough with the attitude and our internal discussions of what to do with our defiant prisoner, as he suddenly slipped his poisoned blade into her back as we returned to the trophy room. She now lies dead in a pool of blood. Guess our decision of what to do with her is a simple one now.

Entry #7:
Mouse’s greatsword Hazirawn apparently detected something in Talis’ room as he just returned with a big smile upon his face. That is until he saw the pool of blood upon the floor surrounding Talis’ dead body. It was then that the smile melted from his face in a look of shock and puzzlement.
Entry #8:
We’ve now covered this entire premises in order to uncover anything that we may have missed. Found a number of other interesting items some of which appear to be enchanted. We also discovered three prisoners chained up downstairs and have questioned and freed them.

Entry #9:
As we left the mountain lodge a raven landed a short distance in front of us and began hopping in our direction. We were surprised at how it seemed unafraid, when we suddenly noticed a small leather pouch strapped to its back. It’s apparently some sort of carrier raven, or something of the sort. Even more shocking however is when the raven began to speak!! It seems we are to take the small scroll from the raven’s back and use it to meet up with Leosin in the city of Waterdeep. We are being called to some sort of special council meeting.



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