Age of Dragons

The Cave (Session 4)

Bartock’s Journal:

Entry #1:
As we entered the cave it quickly became obvious that it was an extensive system of interconnected caverns. Met resistance shortly after entering. We have spotted a hidden tunnel in the shadows of the cavern system to the southwest and are now preparing to investigate.

Entry #2:
Tunnel forks in two directions so we investigated to the right, found and killed a drunk and unconscious cultist. We don’t want anyone sneaking up behind us as we progress.

Entry #3:
Tunnel to the left opened into a large chamber with numerous cultists and guards trying to prevent our entry. Things were a bit touch and go early on but we eventually forced our way inside. Killed enemies who wore scabbards decorated with dragon motifs. Discovered a three-foot wide tunnel hidden underneath carpet.

Entry #4:
Wow, thought we knew Soveliss but there is truly something strange about that one! He has an imp familiar or something demonic? Little guy seems to have strange powers to change shape, first a raven and then a spider. Got to be honest I am a bit creeped out. Not sure I trust that one?

Entry #5:
Found note mentioning that all the wealth from the armies recent looting of the area needed to be taken north to Naerytar by order of Rezmir. Also found some bad poetry about dragons, seems like some sort of strange obsession. We now plan to head down the three-foot wide tunnel dug into the chamber’s floor that we discovered under the carpet.

Entry #6:
Exhausted!!! We simply ran for our lives. Tunnel lead us into near disaster. Beyond tunnel was a strong force of cultists and guards lead by none other than the blue dragon-man himself. Bob bravely challenged the half-beast to a one on one duel, and it most assuredly lead to his demise. The dragon-man simply overpowered Bob, and proceeded to batter his lifeless body even after he fell, his greatsword descending blow after blow.
Quickly we all attacked in an attempt to save our hapless companion but to no avail. Soon Soveliss’ was blowing on a golden-whistle just before his body was seen lying motionless on the cavern floor near the tunnel’s exit. It was obvious to us all that we would surely meet the same fate if we did not retreat, and even then our escape would be in doubt. As we departed we spotted the “one in purple” but had no time to take any actions, hurriedly we simply made for the thirty-foot rope ladder at the entrance to the tunnel with all the speed we could muster. Navarro made it before me and began to pull up the ladder to ensure his escape, but thankfully he heard my desperate cries to stop, and returned the ladder to its rightful place to allow my escape. I then pulled up the rope ladder, hoping all the while that I hadn’t trapped any of our companions below. We then hastily made for our horses, our thoughts consumed by our fallen companions, Bob and Soveliss, may they rest in peace.



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