Age of Dragons

The Chase (Session 3)

Navarro’s Journal:

Entry #1:
As we continued our travels in pursuit of Greenest’s looters we spotted smoke in the distance. As we approached I began to scout ahead. Four cultists were found eating by a fire while eight kobolds sat a little further away. We set a plan to sneak our entire group close enough to gain surprise, planning to take out the humans first before engaging the larger group of kobolds. The plan went off without a hitch, and it wasn’t long before the remainder of the kobolds fled for their very lives.

Entry #2:
Narrowly avoided an ambush as the trail narrowed between two rocky outcroppings in the hills. I believe we have finally caught up with what we assume to be the rear guard of the dragon army. Killed twelve humans including a guard, six cultists in black, and two robed acolyte spell casters. Once again we made quick work of our enemy. We now know we need to make our way to the enemies larger camp before anyone notices what has happened here.

Entry #3:
Finally reached the enemy encampment in the hollow of a rocky plateau shaped like a horseshoe. Large cliffs rim the camp on three sides. Tents are scattered over a large area below and we must decide how to proceed.

Entry #4:
We’ve decided to enter dressed just as we are and with no stealth. Noticed none of the cultists returning to camp are dressed alike so we hope to fit right in with this ragtag group.

Entry #5:
Made our way past the kobold’s upper portion of the camp and have made our way deep down into the heart of the human encampment. I took on the appearance of a kobold myself but felt a bit out of place further down so I decided to find a private place amongst a copse of trees to transform back to human form.

Entry #6:
After gathering a bit of info from various humans deep within the camp we finally located Leosin Erlanthar, the missing monk. We moved quickly to set up a rescue, but to our surprise he seemed reluctant to leave, hoping to gather more information about the cult! With little time to argue we quickly left, but not before we were spotted by a guard. Unfortunately for him it was a short talk. We hid the body in the trees and decided to leave the camp as quickly as possible. Little doubt the shit was about to fly, and none of us wanted to be around when it did. As we moved towards the edges of the camp however the kobold guards spotted our hasty exit. Quickly we broke into a run and made for the horses, and thankfully outran our pursuers. We now make our way back to Greenest to file a report.
Entry #7:
Back in town you will never guess who we met the next day at noon, Leosin! Apparently last night after we left the camp went into a frenzy as the dead guards were discovered, and the monk decided the time to stick around was quickly fading so he cut his ropes and quietly snuck away into the night.

Entry #8:
Leosin wished to hire us on to once again investigate the camp. He believes he would be easily recognized by the cult but believes we on the other hand could still enter unnoticed. His offer is 150 gold each upon completion of the mission. We accept. He then tells us to report back to him, or Ontharr Frume, at the city of Elturel afterwards.

Entry #9:
Upon returning to the enemy camp we find ourselves in disbelief. The camp is all but gone! All that remains are the burnt remnants of the kobold tents and a few of the human tents far below. We approach carefully but soon realize the camp seems deserted with the exception of a few rangers that appear to be hunting the local area. We also note the cave carved into the side of the cliff being guarded by two of the rangers, so we’ve decided to approach in a non-threatening manner.

Entry #10:
The rangers seem to have little affiliation with the cult, although they do hunt for good pay in order to feed those that remain. According to the rangers that includes the Wearer of Purple, the dragon-man, a few warriors, and the dragon-dogs. None of the rangers seem to care if we enter however, it’s as though the whole guard the cave entrance thing is below them. We prepare to enter…



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