Age of Dragons

The Depths Below (Episode 11)

Mouse’s Journal:

Entry #1:
Southwest tower filled with water damage, smells horrible. Inside found stairwell going up and down. Navarro believes below may be flooded by the look of things. We decide to go down anyways to look.

Entry #2:
Stairs lead to what looks to be a natural cavern system. Water pools fill some of the large chamber but some dry passages also exist.

Entry #3:
Decided to investigate pool of water. Seems shallow so we walk through to a short passage we must duck through because its only about three feet above water level. Water here is only a foot deep. Crouching through we find a another cavern flooded with a small peninsula of land jutting out. Something glitters and shines in various colors under the water at the opposite side of the room. We soon discover it’s an assortment of gems. Something else also catches our eye, looks to be an oily, wet substance on the edge of the peninsula and also on the cavern wall in the same area as these gems. Navarro gets a closer look with his torch when the slimy substance lashes out like some sort of blob! Its acidic nature causes a sizzling sound upon his armor damaging it. Then the grayish ooze slips into the water. Navarro grabs several handfuls of gems before running for the exit with the rest of our party. We have no idea what that thing exactly was but we all feel better having left its apparent lair.

Entry #4:
Followed short stairway southwest to an upper landing that soon turned south and dropped to another lower chamber filled with mud about a foot deep. Two bullywugs inhabited the room and were stirring the mud with some sort of stick. One escaped, but we managed to kill one on the short stairway down at the western end of the chamber. A small rock ledge prevents the mud from spilling down the steps but the steps are still muddy and slippery from the bullywug traffic apparently.

Entry #5:
We attempted to follow the escaping bullywug but dared not rush into the dark tunnels ahead. We will have to let him go for now. The western wall of this chamber we have discovered at the bottom of these western steps. Small holes fill the western wall of this forty-foot wide cavern, and muddy footprints lead off to the north through a ten-foot wide passage. Leech decided to investigate these mysterious holes under the lantern light provided by Mouse. A few small insects could be seen scrambling from their holes and then it happened, swarms of centipedes suddenly erupted from every crack, crevasse, and hole enveloping Leech! He screamed in horror as he ran toward the mud room covered by what must have been thousands a tiny insects. We each did what we could to clear him of the unsightly critters, undoubtedly injuring our companion in the process. He was in very rough shape by the time he dove into the mud room. Thankfully Navarro has prayers of healing, and the gods have answered those prayers.

Entry #6:
After a short break to collect ourselves we head north into the next small cavern, following the muddy bullywug tracks to a short stairway to the west. This opened into a massive cavern filled with what can only be described as an underground lake. Not even lantern light is able to reveal a shore beyond. A ten-foot path leads around the perimeter of the lake to both the north and south, and another peninsula leads straight ahead to the west into the water. Feeling uneasy with croaking sound echoing in the distant darkness of this chamber we quickly decided to follow the path north which eventually curved around to the west before exiting the chamber along the lakes northern shore.

Entry #7:
This northern passage is filled with a low lying fog about three to four feet high making it difficult to see the cavern floor in which we walk. It’s an inconvenience for most of us, but makes it almost impossible to see Navarro, the three-foot tall halfling in our group, but he doesn’t seem to mind. In fact I think he rather enjoys it, as he keeps disappearing from sight!

Entry #8:
We continue to investigate the area, and had entered yet another chamber filled with a heavy fog when we luckily noticed something etched onto the floor. It was just a quick glimpse at first, but it was enough to get a look at what appeared to be ruins in some sort of circle perhaps, but it was really tough to tell? It was then that we heard someone, or something, approaching the cavern. We had no exit, and nowhere to run, so we simply hid in the thick low-lying fog. It wasn’t long before nearly a dozen bullywugs began storming the room with spears in their webbed hands. Soon they were followed by a noticeably overweight bullywug dressed in robes who was protected by two bullywug body guards. Suddenly a thunder clap sent several of us tumbling across the room. The creature appeared to know some sort of wizardry! We had to act fast and we did, tearing into the disgusting creatures as fast as our finely honed instincts and weapons would allow, until every one of the frog-like creatures were dead. It’s already been one heck of a day…



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