Age of Dragons

The Long Road Ends (Session 7)

Mouse’s Journal:

Entry #1:
We are now 6 days out from finally arriving in Waterdeep. It’s been a long and exhausting journey but we are all doing well. Today both wheel axles broke on the merchant wagon I had been riding on throughout the trip, and both snapped in the same place. Barrels of ale spilled out onto the road and the poor merchant was beside himself. Luckily others agreed to find room for a keg or two upon their wagons to help the guy out. Sabotage?

Entry #2:
Still 6 days out and it appears that I somehow avoided an attempt on my life. Beheaded my would be attacker with one quick swipe of my blade. He will no longer be a problem.

Entry #3:
Some of my would be attackers friends came by early this morning looking for their missing companion. Good Luck, we hid him well. They seem to be glaring at us often with discontent in their eyes. Maybe I should detach their heads as well.

Entry #4:
We’ve notice a small gnome hanging around the cult’s wagons. Not sure if she is connected to the group or not but something is up…

Entry #5:
Still 5 days out and Navarro and Leech seemed to have found a new friend, the small gnome who joined the caravan during the middle of our trip and was hanging around the cult’s wagons yesterday. Wonder what they’re talking about?

Entry #6:
Now 2 days away from Waterdeep after an uneventful day and night. Woke to quite a commotion today. Apparently Bartock is being accused of murder by a number of cult members because his rapier blade was the same size of the deadly wound in the man’s back. Then the situation took a turn for the worse when Navarro pointed out that he and Leech also had like-sized rapiers. They then began accusing them as well. It was getting a bit heated and messy, but thankfully many of the other merchants agreed that their was in fact no proof, just circumstantial evidence. The commotion has since died down but the cult members now look at us with great disdain in their eyes. I trust none of them.

Entry #7:
Last two days of travel were uneventful, just a few dirty looks from numerous cultists. Might have to detach all of their heads, ugly bastards!

Entry #8:
Finally reached Waterdeep tonight, day 40 of our northward trek. Exhausted! Caravan dispersed as we entered the city but we noticed many of the cultist’s wagons continued north so we followed. Several of us made a quick v-line to the stables to equip our horses as needed, but it wasn’t long before we caught up with the cultist wagons at the north gate. It was there that we noticed more wagons joining the group. We were now at a supply warehouse run by the High Road Charter Company. An old friend of mine named Ardred Briferhew seems to be in charge here, and is organizing work crews to head north to repair the roads to Neverwinter. Apparently many of these roads have fallen into disrepair over the last century since the volcanic explosion that nearly destroyed Neverwinter. I used my personal connection with Ardred to secure us a place in the next caravan which leaves tomorrow morning.

Entry #9:
The gnome, Jamna, has decided to join us as we continue to investigate the cultist wagons. She assures us that although we belong to different organizations we are on the same side and have similar interests.

Entry #10:
We are now following the man we saved from being buried in the road on our travels north. His name is Carlon Amoffel, and we believe he is a Harper, but we need to confirm this before we reveal ourselves to my like-minded allies. He has led us to a local inn where we followed him through the kitchen and into the basement. It is there that some sort of secret meeting is taking place.

Entry #11:
He is indeed a member of the Harpers and we’ve now been introduced to the other members. It has been decided that Carlon will join us on our northward journey. We’ve all been hired on as guards by Ardred.

Entry #12:
Fifteen days later we arrived at Carnath Roadhouse late in the afternoon, having survived a troll attack several days earlier, along with numerous dirty looks from the many cultists blending in with the caravan. They seem none to happy with our continued presence. The roadhouse is located along the “Mere of Dead Men”, a swampy marshland that has overtaken the road numerous times over the years. My five companions and I are sharing one room and the cultists occupy two other rooms nearby. The gnome, Jamna, is staying with other strangers in a room next to the cultists in order to keep a close eye on what’s going on.

Entry #13:
The next day we investigated the nearby storage room. There we discovered much of the cargo unloaded yesterday had mysteriously disappeared! But where too? Eventually Leech picked the half-orc bosses keys and unlocked a door adjacent to the storage room, and then kindly returned the keys unbeknownst to the half-orc. It was in this locked room we would later that day discover a secret passage under a nailed down crate. It was a narrow, slimy, wet passage around six-feet tall that lead nearly 500 yards to a stand of trees in the middle of the “Mere of Dead Men”. We now ponder whether we should stake out the area or begin tracking for anyone who may have recently used this hidden tunnel.



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