Age of Dragons

The Long Road (Session 6)

Ghidorah’s Journal:

Entry #1:
As we prepare to depart the roadside inn, it is now day 20 of our travels north. A male human and female gnome joined the caravan this morning just before we left. Each joined a different merchant wagon, but it’s the man who has garnered our attention. He wears long dark robes and wearing a wool cap with neck flaps. But it’s what we believe we saw under the wool cap that has gained our attention; it looks like his head may be shaven and tattooed but we can’t be certain.

Entry #2:
It’s now day 24 and we have arrived in the town of Edgewood Hollow. As we prepare to spend the night we have decided to find a local armor and weapons smith in order to obtain some better equipment.

Entry #3:
We now prepare to depart Edgewood Hollow the next morning. Once again two more travelers joined the caravan this morning. The two appear to be sisters and own their own horses. The only reason we’ve taken notice of such a mundane fact is that the two seemed to take notice of us earlier in town. Navarro seems suspicious of both, but he’s probably just jealous that they don’t like him.

Entry #4:
Day 28, those two sisters came over to visit Leech and Navarro. That little halfling’s ego is through the roof now I am sure. Now I am suspicious. Why would either of those sisters have any interest in a small halfling?
Entry #5:
Suspicions confirmed! Sisters tried luring a few of us into the woods. Lucky for us we all decided to follow when we heard screams. Turned out both we some type of shape changers, as they soon took on Navarro and Leech’s identity. None of us could tell who was who? Thankfully we eventually chased both individuals off into the woods however, as I think there was more of us than the two of them could handle. They were last seen running east into the woods.

Entry #6:
Day 29, Mouse seems distracted today but I’m not sure why. He keeps looking at a particular wagon driver. I’ve noticed the two often exchanging glances, but Mouse hasn’t said anything to us about what might be going on.

Entry #7:
Day 32, we are now skirting around the east side of the “Fields of the Dead”, a massive flat swampland along the northwest coast. Not long after we spotted what looked to be an abandoned wagon with two dead draft horses. But a closer look revealed crates stacked around the bottom of the wagon with several men hiding underneath. It wasn’t long after that an arrow suddenly plunged into one of the crates, originating from our right. Hobgoblin were soon discovered hiding amongst the brush. We eliminated 6 of them before Navarro charmed their leader. Soon after questioning the hobgoblin we killed him too.

Entry #8:
Navarro sold two horses to the stranded merchant for 160 gold. The merchant was pleased, as he obviously needed replacements to pull his wagon. The dead horses were removed from the road.



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