Age of Dragons

The Mountain Lodge (Episode 13)

Ghidorah’s Journal:

Entry #1:
Standing amongst the standing stones that teleported us, we quickly decided to move towards the trees for cover. From there we planned on watching the mountain lodge to see if we might be able to pick up on any comings and goings. The watch was short lived as we suddenly came under attack from two large trolls with three greenish drakes the size of massive dogs! Survived the attack and burnt the bodies of the trolls, a technique we have learned in our travels to stop trolls from rejuvenating, something we have witnessed a number of times before.

Entry #2:
We fear our presence is no longer a secret after the battle with the trolls and drakes so we decide to enter the lodge through the front door. The door is slightly ajar? A bit strange but we still decided to enter. Inside we found a stone tiled cloak room. We headed straight for the door in the opposite wall from our entry. Beyond a large hall with a sweeping stairway going to a balcony above. Two demonic looking statues flank the stairway, but it’s the two suits of elven platemail coated with chipped green paint flanking the doorway that immediately caught our eye as several of us were nearly frozen from the frigid cold that permeates in between them! Apparently someone doesn’t wan’t unwelcome visitors!

Entry #3:
One we were further into the large hall the two statues suddenly sprung to life, gargoyles! They quickly took to the air and perched above on the balcony’s bannister, while we retreated back to the cloak room to collect ourselves. Finally we stormed the hall and shattered the two gargoyles. At one point Navarro seemed pinned into a corner but we luckily managed to save his small hide.

Entry #4:
Quite injured from the conflict in the entry hall we dedided to return outside for a longer rest, but things only remained quiet for a short amount of time. Suddenly we could hear the snap of surrounding twigs and the rustle of leaves before a four armed troll burst into our midst! Trespin.jpgQuickly we took to our weapons as the hideous creature’s four arms grabbed and clawed at anyone it could get near. Rending at our soft flesh every chance that it could, but once again we prevailed. More injured than before but still alive. Thank the living gods…



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