Age of Dragons

The Secret Tunnel (Episode 27)

Ghidorah’s Journal

Entry #1:
After discovering the secret tunnels beyond the tomb we decide to return to the large dining hall with the silent and mysterious hooded figures. It was there that we descended another stairway to the south where we discovered a dumbwaiter smashed upon the stairwell with a dark shaft ascending in the ceiling above. Carefully we rummaged through the destroyed remains of the dumbwaiter before cautiously approaching the door at the bottom of the stairs. It was there that we noted another message written in chalk upon the door, this one reading simply “DANGER”. Feeling many of the messages we had spotted thus far always seemed to be accurate we decided to knock but it was met with no response, just simple silence. Then Navarro noted that the door was spiked shut on the floor. We decided to turn and leave heeding the chalk message reading “DANGER”.

Entry #2:
We’ve returned to the secret passage and begin to descend the dark stairwell beyond, our path lit only by Navarro’s light spell, a beacon to whoever, or whatever, might lay in wait beyond.

Entry #3:
The walls and floor drip with moisture and slime as we came upon a stone bridge crossing a nearly forty-foot chasm below. It was there that we came under attack from more lizardfolk lying in wait. Several of us nearly falling to our death but luckily catching the ledge and managing to pull ourselves up. We disposed of our enemy but not before discovering two mysterious looking snake-people who possessed the human form but their flesh covered in reptilian flesh and the head of a snake! We wonder if these mysterious and strange being may have been the ones attempting to influence our thoughts during the fight?

Entry #4:
We proceed across the chasm to discover yet another descending stairwell along with another passage heading south into the darkness. We make the decision to process straight ahead up another short passage of stairs. It is there that we discover a large chamber with carvings of statues upon each wall. Two of the statues seem to contain gem stones in the eyes of the statues and sets of plate armor lying at their feet as though some sort of tribute. But as we enter we discover the true meaning of it all as the small holes at the bottom of the walls and statues begin to slither with small snakes that begin filling the suits of armor, and then the armor began to rise up, animated from its slithery occupants, undoubtedly some foul form of magic! The armored warrior proved quick, well armored, and difficult to strike true, but we soon prevailed using the enchanted weapons we discovered in the dragon’s hoard in Skyreach Castle.

Entry #5:
A door sits in the southwest wall of this large chamber. But before investigating further we must mend our battle wounds, and pry those gems from the statues eyes. The gems look to be quite valuable!

Entry #6:
We’ve still failed to discover the whereabouts of the missing dwarf Varram the White, but hope to find answers deeper within…



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