Age of Dragons

The Tomb (Episode 25)

Bartock’s Journal

Entry #1:
After a short one hour rest we prepare to venture further into the darkness that surrounds us and delve deeper into the mysterious Tomb of Diderius. We are instantly drawn to the large double door that stand opposite of our resting location. The doors are plated in corroded copper engraved with what appears to be a group of wizards peering over a pool while another casts a spell or summons some unknown beast. The carving is strange yet interesting but it’s the doors present condition that has us on edge, the doors appear to be bulging outward as though some force lies beyond. We take up positions in the corners of the room flanking the doors, as Navarro prepares to open them.

Entry #2:
Shit! Navarro is lucky he didn’t get himself killed. The entire ceiling of the hall beyond is collapsed and nearly crushed Navarro when he opened the doors. Literally blew him off his feet. Looks to be impassable so we will look elsewhere for passage.

Entry #3:
Next we investigated the door to our left marked “Safe” in chalk. Beyond we discover a circular chamber with the word “Safe” written in chalk on the far wall, a well sits at the center of the chamber with a bronze bucket tied to a rope nearby. The floor of the chamber contains numerous bedrolls and other mundane supplies leading us to believe someone has recently used this location for a camp, but there is no one in sight?… The circular chamber also contains an empty stone basin about 8 feet above the floor with a brass lever protruding from the wall nearby. We attempt to fill the basin but the water seems to vanish even with the drain in the wall being closed. Strange…

Entry #4:
We eventually lowered ourselves down into the well to look for some sort of hidden passage and sure enough that is exactly what we found. Following it led under the nearby well outside in the courtyard. It was down there in the water that we came under attack from three massive trolls hiding in the water. We walked right up to one unknowingly when it suddenly burst out from the water before us, and it wasn’t long before two others appeared from the passage ahead. We were fortunate to dispose of the three without any loss of life.

Entry #5:
With our options dwindling we finally decide to check out the strangely angled hallway branching off to the southeast of the mosaic chamber in which we currently reside.

Entry #6:
A near death experience! The hall was apparently trapped. Just over half way down its nearly seventy-foot length a pressure plate hidden in the floor released a strange seven-foot diameter ball of bones. Razor sharp shards and appendages tearing into our flesh as we attempted to avoid being crushed by the rapidly approaching sphere of death. Three of us managed to jump over, or take cover in the ninety degree angle of the passages floor and wall, but Navarro and Ghidorah were not so lucky. Taken by surprise and unable to react quickly enough both found themselves somehow pulled into the revolving sphere of bone! They took an immense pounding as the runaway sphere rumbled down the passage and into the chamber beyond, but then managed to tear themselves free just before the sphere smashed into the opposite wall of the chamber beyond spraying bone fragments throughout the room. Once again we seem to have cheated death.

Entry #7:
The smell of incense fills the room and rich tapestries cover the walls of the chamber where the seven-foot bone sphere imploded upon the far wall. A chute in the south wall allows light in from the outside world lighting this dark chamber. Then upon entering an unfamiliar voice is heard to whisper “Humility proffered in the manner of Mystril shelters those opening the way to seeking knowledge”. Urso seems to think that using a holy gesture popular amongst the fallen god of Mystril may hold some value here so he proceeds to turn his head downward and raises his hands if holding a lamp but there seems to be no effect.



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