Age of Dragons

The Tomb - part II (Episode 26)

Urso’s Journal

Entry #1:
Discovered a strange two strange triangular chambers. The first seemed to be a tomb with six sarcophagus’ behind large tapestries. The second was what seemed to be an ancient library with a ghostly librarian or guardian? The entity actually spoke to us and seemed distraught that all the books were missing! The shelves had been empty and dusty for what must have been a very long time however, how could she not have noticed? Luckily she vanished however, so we quickly moved on before her distress perhaps turned to anger.

Entry #2:
Throne room beyond triangular chambers! Coins litter the floor of the room at the foot of the throne lying upon a cloud-like dias. Upon the large throne sits a twelve-foot tall regal and well muscled male humanoid with a flowing white beard and a purple toga. We offer tribute which we add to the piles of coins and jewels at the foot of the throne, but only after the figure spoke the following words: “Ye who seek Diderius insight must first furnish tribute, that Diderius might work his mighty magic. Lay such tribute at my feet or depart.” Soon after Navarro made his way to a door to our left and we quickly departed, partly confused at what, or who, we had just witnessed sitting upon the throne since it seemed to always be watching us but spoke very little. Strange!!

Entry #3:
The door led to a stairwell down and it was upon the outside of this door that we noticed the words “? Danger” written in chalk. Down below we discovered another large chamber that must have served as a dining hall long ago given its tables and chairs. To our left heading south was yet another stairway leading downward and it appears there may be a door with more words written in chalk. But it was the northern most table to our right (north) that immediately caught our attention, it was there that five strange hooded figures sat unmoving as we entered. They seemed to ignore us as a whole but answered a few short questions, yet they seemed completely removed from our situation and unemotional in any way. We moved beyond the table to the north where Navarro spotted a door which he soon opened. On my way to the door as I squeezed between the wall and chairs I attempted to take a peek deep into the hooded cowl of one of the individuals sitting at the table. It appeared that the individual had a thick beard of some sort, and I was filled with an unsettling discomfort. The strange hood figures have admitted that they were given orders to wait here and have led us to believe that Varram has failed to return thus far, but that is all we are able to ascertain.

Entry #4:
A short hall beyond the door leads to the west where we discover a very large chamber with what appears to be an empty pool at the far end with a stone sluice running to the pool from the southern wall. Broken arrows, bloodstains, and a dead man wearing robes were strewn about the chamber. The arrows appeared to be cut stone in the shape of fangs, set with the symbol of a cobra with a crown above it. The body however seemed to lack any sign of an attack by arrows, but seemed to have a stab wound from a dagger. Curious about the pool I ignored the grisly scene and I quickly approached to give the pool a look. We decided to send Navarro back to the previous pool room to fill its sluice with water thinking this might prove to be its destination, or so we hoped. It wasn’t long after that the water soon appeared in this newly found sluice and began to fill the pool, and then something strange occured – the water suddenly spread out and flared with a mysterious black light! Unfortunately this is all I can recall as I blacked out thereafter. Others in the group inform me that I began acting mad soon after?…

Entry #5:
Nearly a minute later I finally came out of my mad stupor and was informed of what had recently transpired… Apparently the group opened the door to the north of the pool and discovered what appears to be Diderius’ Tomb, a twenty-foot high chamber lit by braziers with a massive stone sarcophagus atop a stepped stone dais at center. The walls decorated with life-sized frescoes showing many of the lost gods of the past. Then a few paces in they suddenly heard a voice emanating from what seemed to be the coffin, saying in a clear voice “You approach Diderius in repose. I know what you seek. Yuan-ti have taken the one called ”/characters/varram-the-white" class=“wiki-content-link”>Varram beyond their portal in the northern wall. Be prepared, for I shall open the way to peril." Then a secret door began to slide open as stone grated against stone. But that was simply the first surprise, as seconds later they suddenly came under attack from what was surprisingly lizardfolk! Having defeated the attackers we now discuss how to proceed…



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