Tag: Greenest


  • Gov. Tarbaw Nighthill

    - governor of Greenest - asked companions to help Greenest on the night of attacks - holds briefings on the tactical situation for the keep and Greenest - thinks keep is safe, and that raiders interested only in loot

  • Nesim Waladra

    This young man approached the heroes limping heavily on his bandaged left leg. He asked them to keep and eye out for his missing master, [[:leosin-erlanthar | Leosin Erlanthar]], a monk from Berdusk. Seems he disappeared during the attack on [[Greenest | …

  • Langdedrosa Cyanwrath

    It seems this blue half-dragon leaves dead bodies in his wake wherever he goes. Confidently carrying an enormous greatsword in his right hand, legend says this seven-foot behemoth believes highly in a warriors honor upon the battlefield.

  • Leosin Erlanthar

    This monk was nearly rescued from the Dragon army camp near Greenest but declined. Later that night he escaped and returned to Greenest the next day. Thankful for the companions help he hired them to return to the dragon army encampment, and offered a …