The World of Sarsis

It’s now 335 AD (after darkness). It’s been 335 years since “The Darkness,” as it is called by the locals, has spread across the land. These Dark Ages were the result of powerful magic gone awry. These “dark arts” (magic) as they became known, were feared by most, and still today in some regions their use may be punishable by death.

Religion also became a point of contention in this dark world as the gods of old had been silent longer than any of the long-lived races of Sarsis could remember, leading most to dispute whether the gods had ever actually existed. Amongst many, the mere mention of religion was ridiculed. Those who still chose to cling to these ancient beliefs were rare indeed and had few followers.

Humans, elves, half-elves, dwarves, gnomes, halflings, and half-orcs now gather in places of light amongst the vast darkness. Many of these points of light are little more than small villages and farming communities, but some of these points of light have managed to grow much larger than their smaller counterparts, and these cities enjoy a boom in commerce that none could dare imagine just a mere decade before.

It should be noted that it is said that if one listens closely in the fire lit taverns of the night, stories can be heard, legends of a daring band of adventures nearly a decade ago, who dared to plunge into the surrounding darkness to reveal a new light, a new era. It was this small band of heroes led by “the Chosen One” that restored healing and the powers of faith back into world, and in particular the belief in the ancient god Bahamut. These Dark Ages had brought with them a fear of the unknown, and legends and lore had grown over the past 300+ years as the ancient history of Sarsis slowly began to fade from memory. Fear of the outside world gripped the population, but some dared dream of something more, and in doing so opened up a new beginning and a new chapter in Sarsis’ long history. Unfortunately this heroic legend ended in tragedy however, when “the Chosen One” was struck down by a huge brown dragon in lands far to the east amongst the Sea of Sand. But not before this rag tag group of friends managed to push the dragon armies far to the east.

Now new rumors can be heard in the shadowy candle-lit taverns of the night. Stories that dragon-men have been seen in the western lands yet again, and some worry that the dragon armies have returned. Other rumors speak of increased dragon attacks upon the western lands, once considered nothing short of children’s tales and legend, but now apparently a horrifying reality for some. Then the unexpected, the small southern town of Greenest came under attack! Small dog-like, scaly bipedal creatures known as kobolds filled the streets, and began cutting down the citizens while carrying away anything that seemed of value; intermixed within this chaos, men wearing black leather armor and carrying scimitars. blue.jpg But nothing could prepare the citizens for what was spotted next – a huge blue dragon swooped down from the skies above and began razing the town, spewing lightning upon its hapless victims below. Fear filled citizens scrambled about as a feeling of helplessness overtook the entire population. Rumors had become reality!…

Age of Dragons

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