Age of Dragons

Snake Pits (Episode 28)

Urso’s Journal

Entry #1:
Investigated the cylindrical pits inside the circular chamber and found several collections of copper, silver, and gold coins as well as a small vial of some strange liquid we don’t recognize.

Entry #2:
Moved on through the southern door and into a long hall trapped with a pressure plate. Arrow holes could be seen dotting the lower part of the walls throughout, very thankful we noticed them.

Entry #3:
Beyond we discovered a secret door at the end of the hall which was marked with an archway worked into the stone work, strange, but easy to find.

Entry #4:
Discovered what appears to be prison cells beyond the secret door with a doorway to our right exiting the prison chamber. The prison appears to be empty.

Entry #5:
Door lead to another hall with a large chamber to our left. Stone serpents along the east and west walls, their open mouths guttering green flame, the effect creating a very eerie scene indeed. Soon we noticed yuan-ti and lizardfolk standing in the shadows of the flickering green flames, awaiting our arrival and poised to ambush anyone unsuspecting. Luckily some of us took note, and we avoided a scenario that could have turned ugly very quickly. Then a large snake with arms was spotted laying quietly toward the back of the chamber, but soon started to slither forward and then began to speak. The strange snake-like creature seemed willing to strike a bargain. He offered us the dwarf Varram who lay near an alter at the front of the chamber in exchange for us leaving peacefully without any further blood shed. It was an offer too good to refuse and we quickly accepted. We were then informed that the dwarf was under very strong yuan-ti magic, and that he would most likely regain consciousness over the coming hours, or perhaps the next day.

Entry #6:
We’ve made our way out of the tomb and now set camp outside near the giant statues that protect the complexes entrance. We are trying to revive the dwarf as we set the night watch. Tomorrow we make for Waterdeep to report to the council what we have found.



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